Spring Style

I’ve taken some photos over the last couple months of my new favorite thrift dress finds and just never shared them on here. I’ve had mixed emotions about doing so, call me silly. So, nonetheless, i think it’s time.  Here some are:

Dress and belt: thrifted; Cardigan: I’ve had a while – i think it’s TJMaxx; Shoes: my grandmother’s

Shirt and necklace: thrifted; Jeans: AE from Ebay; Shoes: Target

Dress and belt: thrifted; Shoes: Target; Sunglasses: got them in Arizona 🙂 This dress is by far my new favorite! I found it at a cool vintage shop in St. Louis and almost didn’t even get it. I woulda been so mad at myself. I love it!

Dress and Cardigan: Forever 21; Belt and Shoes: thrifted; Pants: Wal-mart; Bracelet: Yard sale; Necklace: gift.  This is my new outfit i just had to share. It makes me happy.  🙂

So Sweet World, have any new favorite outfits or find any good thrift finds lately?


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5 responses to “Spring Style

  1. I really need to just nab some guts and try a belt – I always looooove how they look with cardigans!

  2. Did you go back and get those shoes?! I went back to get them and both DAV and Salvation Army were sold out. sad face!

  3. so cute and I LOVE THAT COUCH.

  4. I love your belt in the first pic! It’s super cute as well as all of your outfits 🙂

  5. that blue and white dress is KILLER!!! we kind of want to steal it….

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