Recent goodness….

Lately, aside from working a lot, there have been some favs i’ve been enjoying in my time off. I love summertime.

  • Getting my hair cut.
  • Cooking perfect summertime dinners – pasta salad, citrus pork, fish tacos and black bean and corn salsa.
  • Thrifting. Yard Sales. Flea Markets.

  • Sleeping late.
  • Writing in my new moleskin and planning fun summer photos.

  • Keeping the windows open since it’s been cool enough.
  • Sparkling raspberry lemonade. So yummy.
So Sweet World, what summertime goodness have you been enjoying lately?


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2 responses to “Recent goodness….

  1. Sparkling raspberry lemonade?! I’m looking forward to sharing this with you in 2 weeks!!!! =D

  2. oh my gosh your post just made me so hungry! and those thrift finds are killer!

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