Welcome to Midwest Summer

Hello Sweet World! Things are still busy these days so blogging is just a come-as-you-are type of deal for me lately. I miss being connected and keeping up with all my blog buddies but sometimes it’s nice just to live away from the computer for a bit, especially since i’ve been working a ton. I think i’ve said this before but real life takes precedence so it is what it is. Anyhow. The trip back home was lovely and filled with busy days, and i really didn’t take many pictures at all. However, the trip back was a different story. As soon as we hit Louisville, KY, we could tell the Midwest summer was upon us. Hellacious storms greeted us promptly. I could swear we drove straight through a tornado at one point but i guess i’m exaggerating a bit since i’m still alive, aren’t i? It was quite scary and the most turquoise-green i’d not like to see in the sky ever again. We stopped after the 100th (ok, exaggeration again…) storm for a break while i took some shots of the sky while the tornado sirens were going off just down the road in the small farm town nearby. I think we were still in Indiana but it was close to the Illinois border but either way i thought i might turn into Dorothy for a minute.


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