Last weekend before work, i actually woke up and made it to the fair that was in town. It was hot. And to prove it the carnies weren’t even bugging you to play games or go on rides. They had a long, hot week in the humid midwest and it was obvious, which was all the same to me since i was there just to take some photos. And maybe have a pineapple whip, and/or funnel cake. Maybe. Anyhow. I also entered 10 photos in the arts competition of photography and was pretty happy with what i saw when i found my photos through the exhibits.

Yups. I was the champion for one of the categories i entered for my Typewriter and the Tulip print. I was sooooo excited! Four of my other photos also won 2nd place so i was stoked!  When i went to pick up my photos after the fair was over the lady told me i did really well and most people don’t win that much at once. Score! I came home with $21 and a $10 gift certificate to Panera Bread. How awesome is that?! Yea, i might be bragging just a little bit. I hardly ever win anything so winning something i created makes it even more special.  😉

Here are some more shots of the afternoon (i’m beginning to have a nice collection of carnival photos 🙂 )

 Gotta have the ferris wheel shot…

This guy was the cutest……he hated the camera (phone).

 Me next to the redneck windchimes….haha…..




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3 responses to “Carnival

  1. lemontreelikes

    Yay for the fair! And congratulations on your winning pictures!!! Looking at all the photo entries is one of my favorite fair activities. Every year I say I’ll enter the next time… and never do.

  2. Congratulations on your winnings! How very exciting! 🙂

  3. Sooo exciting! Congratulation on the photo!!

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