Today hasn’t been the easiest day for me in terms of emotions. And i’ve only had 4.5 hours of sleep, which doesn’t help. Thank you, kid, who rang my doorbell 3 times and to the mail man who rang it once 15 minutes later. The doorbell is lucky it’s still alive. Anyhow. I just feel like i’ve been working so hard and trying my best, just to find out disappointing news. It’s nothing super major or anything. Just a blow to the ‘ol self esteem. That’s why i’m gonna take this post back to last weekend. The boy and i went camping and i feel like i need to go back already. Just get away from it all. Relax. Eat fire cooked food and listen to the sounds of summer. Yea, i need to go back. Back to where life is simple and there are no worries, aside from if your marshmallow is going to catch on fire or not. Take me back.



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  1. Olytwzt

    Your boy loves you very much.

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