Enjoying Autumn…

The weather has finally gotten cooler, right after a few days of 80-something degree weather. Now it’s only in the 50s and gonna be in the 30s for the next few nights. Brrrrrrr! You better believe i’ll be under lots of blankets  🙂  As far as fall goes, we’ve gotten some fall-time stuff done so far but we have yet to carve our pumpkin, drink apple cider and take more photos in the leaves. I can’t wait for it! As it turns to winter (shudder….) there are lots of tasks to be done around the house, which i will start very soon by painting the living room! I can’t wait to get a fresh look in the room that i spend the most time in. Well, aside from where the bed is, cuz you know, this girl loves to sleep……  😉  Also, check out the HelloSweetWorld shop for vintage goodies that i’ve been adding! It’s time to start holiday shopping – wink, wink.


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  1. Oh, man! I need some of that caramel dip! Perfect for fall.

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