Flying high…

This past Saturday was the first year of a new event in Branson that features hot air balloons. As soon as i saw a flyer for it i knew i wanted to go. It lasted from 6 am to at least 8 pm but the boy had to work that night so somehow we managed to get up only after 4 hours of sleep and drive 40 mins to freeze while we waited for the balloons to show up. The event was running a bit late and we got to see one balloon light up before dawn but then we warmed up by getting breakfast, hot coffee and heading back to find all the balloons speckled in the air. These things are so magical and amazing. They’re beautiful to see but i’m still not sure i’d want to be in one. This girl is happy right here on the ground.



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3 responses to “Flying high…

  1. Those things look really cool!!!! FUN!

  2. Oh my goodness cuz, I LOVE your pics! What a fun morning. I agree with you though, I’m happy right here on the ground 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  3. I’ve been up in a hot air balloon; it’s very different up there. You should give it a try!

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