A Simple Cookie Tutorial – Well, sort-of…

This holiday season, i’ve been in the mood to bake and cook and try new recipes. I think it’s because of my addiction to Pinterest and all things food i see on there. And actually, these cookies i made are courtesy of Pinterest, via The Idea Room, and they are so easy to make. They’re perfect for that last minute item you need for your company potluck or even to put a goodie bag together to give as gifts. You could even use another type of cookie or sprinkles for on top. The possibilities are endless, really.

All you need is 3 ingredients (Vanilla almond bark, mint cookies and candy canes to crush for topping):

All you have to do is:

1. Melt your almond bark,

2. Dip the mint cookie in it, covering it all over with the bark,

3. Place the cookie on a cookie sheet or wax/parchment paper,

4. Sprinkle crushed candy canes on top,

5. Let cool/refrigerate to ensure hardening of the almond bark,

6. Repeat as necessary to get desired amount of cookies!

Easy as pie…err….well, at least i’m still in the same food category. Anyhow, with cookies so easy and delicious as these for the holidays, you can’t resist. And you needed a last minute gift idea, didn’t you?  😉


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