New Year

Happy 2012! I spent the New Year’s eve working, then enjoyed a fine dinner with my someone special. I struggled to stay awake until the East Coast celebration, which we found streaming online (we don’t have a TV) and watched the ball drop. I dropped quickly after that in my bed and had an odd dream about hermit crabs. Ewww. I awoke to a sinus infection and mainly spent the first day of the new year getting meds, going grocery shopping and cleaning the house. What a way to ring in the new year, eh?

I’ve been seeing lots of blog posts on resolutions and lists so here are a few of my goals for this year. After all, i have until December 21st, right?  😉

  • Save money – I seriously need to watch my spending and start saving. It’s shameful.
  • Work on house projects – there’s tons to do around the house. I need to keep at it!
  • Travel to new places – Tulsa, Texas and Seattle are on my list this year!
  • Bake new goodies – macarons and cupcakes from scratch are what i want to try out in the kitchen.
  • Perform random acts of kindness – i’m working on this every day and want to continue. And continue letting the people i love in life know just that.
  • Stay crafty – keep photographing and do more crafts. I also want to learn to sew.

So Sweet World, what do you have on your list for this year?


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