Last year, after i was researching a local estate sale online, i saw a camera i was interested in that was pictured in one of the photos for the sale. Needless to say, i had a dream about that same camera prior to going to the sale and basically dreamt that i put a bid on the camera at auction and won. I actually dreamt the exact amount i won it for and everything. So, you can imagine that was a good dream. And very strangely, it came true. We went to the estate sale and the camera was still there on the 3rd day, and went up for auction. I bid on it. The exact amount in my dream. And won. It was a vintage Rolleiflex camera and was oh-so beautiful. I was eager to put a roll of film in it and started shooting. It took a while to use the film but i finally finished the roll and finally got them developed. It turns out that the roll sat so long that it messed with the color of the photos, but i think they’re pretty dreamy. Check it out for yourself….Oh, and real quick, be sure to follow the HelloSweetWorld blog on bloglovin’ and facebook! We’re finally getting connected with technology.



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3 responses to “Rollei

  1. I’ve always dreamed of owning a Rolleiflex! They’re gorgeous. I wouldn’t say it’s because the film sat too long. I think you just need to change the exposure setting because it’s letting too much light in. You can see it in mine as well where I underestimated how bright it was:

  2. Those are really cool pictures! The age of the film makes the photos look much older and it is really cool. Glad to see all the blog posts too.

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