Heart Cut-Out Garland DIY

Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner, ya’ll. Oh, how the time flies. I’ll be flying back into the country this Valentine’s Day after seeing my family in Holland. It’s already been three years since i’ve seen them. Oy. Didn’t i just say something about time flying? Anyhow. Here’s a simple photo garland DIY to decorate for the occasion. It’s pretty simple yet effective. Make lots of ’em!

Start by cutting your photos into strips. Mine measure approximately 1.5 inches wide and are cut from 4 x 6 inch photo prints.

Once all your photos are cut into strips, fold them in half. Then, slide them into your heart punch (or other shape if you’re feeling extra crafty ;o) ). Make sure they’re lined up fairly well and even, and that they’re facing the right way for the shape of the heart (open side down). This step is tricky because the size of the folded photos is just the size of the punch and there’s nothing left to grab onto when punching. Usually, the fold creates enough thickness for the photos to be held in place while punching so they won’t slide around.

After you have all of your photos punched out, gather your adhesive and pick your string.

Place the folded photo over your string and use your adhesive on the bottom half of the inside of the photo. Fold the top half over and apply pressure. Repeat for the remainder of the punched photo strips and then space them on the string to your liking. They should move around on the string fairly well since the adhesive is used only on the bottom part of the photo so you can space them out easier.

Hang  at your location of choice!


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