Kitty. Part 2.

The other day while dusting off the hand-me-down sewing machine for the first time ever, and using it for the first time ever, the kitty seemed to want to sit at the table and get in the way be close. Naturally i shot some photos of him. Notice how he’s using my cardboard to sit on. He’s a big guy, for sure, but don’t let his largeness fool you. He’s the biggest baby ever. He whines meows a lot and loses a lot of battles when he’s outdoors. We’ve tried keeping him indoors all the time but that seriously doesn’t work. He’ll just tear up the blinds or poop in the house in the most random places. Gross. So, he’s an indoor-outdoor cat and seems to get the best of both worlds. Especially when he brings home a squirrel, or two, or four, to show us that he’s really not a wuss at all (true story, i’ve got a picture to prove it). Want more kitty photos? See Part 1 of my mom’s cat i blogged about a few years ago.



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2 responses to “Kitty. Part 2.

  1. Love those gray spots – what a cutie!

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