Well, here i am again with the southwest talk. I just can’t get enough. I guess it doesn’t help that my desktop background is a photo of the Arizona/Utah border and the state of Arizona sign that i took when i was out there a few years ago (bottom photo in this post). I just keep seeing goodies online that i can’t resist. One of those things are arrows. Arrows? Yes, once you see all these goodies you’ll see why i’m all over it. ¬†Hehe.

Set of 5 Valentines(Source – AmyMarcella on Etsy)

Sunshine Arrows & Arrowheads Screen Printed Cardigan(Source – KarinaManarin on Etsy)

Silver Arrow BRACELET(Source – iadornu on Etsy)

Tribal Chevron Arrow 2 Hand Carved Stamp(Source – creatiate on Etsy)

Arrow Sign Wooden Pointing the Way Direction(Source – SlippinSouthern on Etsy)

(Source – Carolyn’s Homework Blog)

Don’t you just love those signs? And the bracelet? And the arrow tutorial – gasp! I like them all so much i can’t even choose a favorite. Eeep! What are you obsessed with lately, Sweet World?



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2 responses to “Arrows

  1. I think you shoud just come visit!!! I have a spare room? hehehe
    And right now it is absolutely beautiful here… (sidenote, I really should get out and photograph more of AZ). Hope you’re doing well!! xoxo

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