Zie Darling: Inspirations.

Hello folks, my name is Zie and I’m stopping in today to share a few little things with you all. Things like inspiration and crafts.

I find myself enormously inspired by the little things: baby’s breath (the flower), tall grass, wispy illustrations, delicate sounds, boisterous laughter, hot tea, anything letter-pressed, handwriting, and nearly a zillion other things. All of which I feel sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day bustle of things, especially now that our lives have somehow been smushed into 140 characters and onto little, tiny phone screens.

So I wanted to take this little bit of time to share how I attempt to remember the simple, beautiful things and how I incorporate them into my crafts and my art.

Above all, I think of myself as a collector. Currently, I’m collecting greeting cards, the number five, the letters Q and E, ugly//tacky snow-globes, and pretty boxes.

I’m always picking up silly little things in the shops and taking snap-shots on the go, and sketching in my sketchbook when I have a free moment. And it can be something as abstract as a snap-shot of a leaf on a tree by my window that sparks this enormously overpowering idea for a piece.

As in the case of my little journals. I took a simple idea from a photo, drew it out, and carved it from a block. Then I hand-embossed the image onto the journals. And presto! An easy project from a simple idea.

But I was oddly so inspired by that little idea, that I took it further. I started thinking about things that go with the leaf and where it comes from, and that oddly morphed into little woodland creatures. Like these:

And who knows, maybe this little idea will keep going. We shall see!

But I’m curious. What inspires you? And how do you use that inspiration?

Until next time, darlings, thank you for letting me chat with you for a bit!


Today’s post comes from Zie – 20. super hero by day, smokey lounge singer by night. works in a craft store on the weekends. likes tea time, sleepy sundays, pretty things, and sarcastic commentaries.

You can visit Zie over at her blog, Darling Dear. She’s super crafty and very artistic, not to mention she has the cutest etsy shop. Go say hello, you’ll be glad you did!


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