Covered Bangle Bracelet DIY

Everyone has jewelry laying around that they don’t wear anymore or just doesn’t work for them. This was the case for this cheap black plastic bangle bracelet that i had from years ago. It was plain, plastic and just boring. I decided i’d spruce it up a bit with some color by covering it. It’s pretty simple to do. I originally was thinking yarn but it would fray too easy or become ‘fuzzy’ and wouldn’t hold up. I had some string laying around along with the yarn that is thinner and doesn’t fray or get fuzzy as easy (i think it may be called crochet yarn but i’m not sure).  I chose to use that to cover my bracelet and found that it works well. Here is what i did:

1. Tie your string to the inside of the bracelet   2. Begin wrapping your string around the bracelet. Wrap until you want to switch colors or wrap until the end if you want the same color for the whole bracelet.   3. If you do switch colors, tape the end to the inside of the bracelet.   4. Start with your 2nd color choice. Either tie or tape the start of the string to the inside of the bracelet.

After you wrap your entire bracelet in the color scheme and pattern that you want, cut a thin piece of felt (a little thinner than the width of your bracelet) to fit the inside of your bracelet. Next, put mod podge on one side of the felt with your paint brush.

Adhere the felt to the inside of the bracelet. This just gives one more step to hide the tape and keep the string/yarn in place. Let dry.

Next, hit that runway with your new accessory! Ok, maybe not the runway but wear it, girl!

Or you could just take pretty photos of it like i tried to do……

And let me know if you make one of your own. I’d love to see photos! Enjoy your new (old) bangle  🙂

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