Photos from the trip – Iphone Style

I took an okay amount of photos on the trip to the Netherlands that i just returned from but there always seems like there could be more. It’s hard though, when you’re running around doing things or when it’s absolutely freezing outside and you don’t want to take your gloves off just to reach in your camera bag. That, my friends, is when you know it’s too cold. During this trip, the canals in Amsterdam (and surrounding areas) froze for the first time in at least 15 years. I always pick the most superb times to go on trips it seems.  Anyhow, despite the cold, i had a blast and wish i could’ve stayed longer. One week every few years is just not enough to spend with one half of your family. For real. Here are my first pics of the trip – iphone style…..




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2 responses to “Photos from the trip – Iphone Style

  1. hagelslag!! ahh!! hope you stocked up! 🙂 shame they couldn’t have the elfstedentocht this year though, i know my family was rooting for the chance for another one!

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