Hello Sweetness…..

I have an announcement! There’s a new addition to the family. No, not what you’re thinking. 😉 Not even the alternative to what you’re thinking (a pet…..). Remember when i shared how gorgeous this piece was from an earlier post….?

Well……guess what?! It’s now in our dining room looking oh-so-beautiful! I kept thinking about the piece and how every other mid-century cradenza/hutch slipped away from me before i had a chance to snatch one of them up so i decided to spend the extra money and make this baby a reality. It was mildly pricey but for a nice hutch i suppose it wasn’t too bad. Plus, i got a little tax money back and ya can’t go wrong there! She is the most gorgeous thing i’ve seen in a while, and now, the most expensive piece of furniture in the house. Ha!  Below is a photo of her right after we moved her in. I’m still playing with how i’m going to decorate her. It’s quite tricky, as she is sophisticated. Welcome home, Sweetness!



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4 responses to “Hello Sweetness…..

  1. Well done! When something speaks to you like that you will regret not bringing it home. Great piece!

  2. Love this piece!!
    Love it!

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