Craft room inspirations

Lately i’ve been inspired to get my craft room organized. It is in pretty bad shape. I have a huge desk with shelving and two other tables in the room and it’s all piled with stuff. I really want it to look neat and i know it can be hard with so much craft supplies and other stuff. I will keep my desk and maybe a table for the sewing machine but i’ve been looking around for storage solutions for all my supplies. I found some great shelves that Ikea sells listed on craigslist but the seller wanted over $100 more for them than what Ikea sells them for, so that was a bust. Then i saw some shelves in a photo of an upcoming local estate sale but by the time i got there they were sold already. Bust #2. I did, however, manage to get a cheap dresser/shelving unit at the same estate sale and we’ll be picking it up tomorrow. Right now it’s wood but i think i’ll eventually paint it a bright, cheery color. I have ideas in mind of what i want the room to look like but am having trouble getting there. Do you ever have a decoration road block? I’ve been searching Pinterest and other sites for inspirations. Here are some of my faves….

00inspire-lovely-studio-sho_rect540 (Source)

office (I can’t find exact source but came off of this website)



craft room!  (Source)

Office                                                                                                                                                                      (Source)



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3 responses to “Craft room inspirations

  1. Fantastic inspiration there. I especially like that there is a bed in the last one. Often these rooms have to be multi-purpose and it drives me mad when they all look so perfect and designery. The real world just not like that.

  2. Love these! Love these all!!

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