Minty Fresh

Lately i’ve been inspired with all things mint. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have seen my obsessive pinning of things i love lately, including things in the mint/aqua shade. After seeing this color post from Sunshine and Carousels, and all the inspirations on Pinterest, i’ve been noticing things around my home in this lovely hue. I didn’t think i had that many items with this color but turns out, i do!  Mint is the perfect vintage color, i think. Anyway, I gathered some of the items up and took photos to share and to add to the inspiration. Here is a little collection of mine that i never knew i had…

My mint obsession even continued in the kitchen this weekend because i made mint chocolate chip cookies. Yea, you can pretty much call me infatuated.  With a color. Eeep! Hey, at least i’m lucky and it’s a flavor i can enjoy too. Ha!

What color are you obsessed with lately, Sweet World?



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8 responses to “Minty Fresh

  1. It’s always purple with me, but I quite like Teal to right now. A darker version of mint I guess!!

  2. I like blue, though at the moment I’m seeing lots of squishy yellowish blue stuff, whatever is the color of fear.

  3. (All) Spring colors!

    p.s. – (So,) I love mint, too. 🙂

  4. You already know how I feel about those cookies… But I ADORE mint. When you come visit we should paint everything in Nashville mint :]

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