Well, it looks like it’s that time already! We’ve put off March long enough with an extra day in February this year but March will be here no matter what. I’ve created another desktop calendar for March to share with you, Sweet World! I’ll tell you a little secret about it – it’s actually a photograph of some super-cute fabric i found last week. Isn’t it perfect for spring? I love all the colors in it and i couldn’t resist. Now i just need to figure out what i need to make with it. Hmmmm….any ideas? I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing so it’ll most likely be something simple. I also got some other colorful fabric to make curtains for my craft room. I’m just feeling like lots of colors lately, know what i mean? I think i’m just ready for some warm weather and the plants to bloom. I’m tired of seeing brown, dead grass. Anyhow. I’ll stop rambling and go ahead and share the new calendar. Enjoy! And here’s to some spring-like weather in your neck of the woods!

(Hint: this works best if you open the photo in a new tab, then save it and set it as your desktop. If not, it’ll be all grainy. I’m not sure if there’s an easier way to do it but that’s what worked for me. I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to this stuff. Hehe.)



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  1. I love bicycles and this wallpaper is so cute and definetely transmits spring vibrations!

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