Craft Room Re-do

After posting all my craft room inspirations and finding a cute little dresser at an estate sale for a great price, i worked all afternoon last Saturday getting my craft room in order. It was much needed. There still are a couple little things that i’d like to do in there but for right now, i’m happy with it. I think the dresser is perfect and everything is stored away in it’s place, which makes the room look much neater. Here are some photos of the so-called re-do:



Filed under change, Life in general, Vintage and Thrifting

7 responses to “Craft Room Re-do

  1. You’re right. The dresser is perfect for storing all those crafty bits and pieces. Love the camera collection and your purple owl.

  2. I’m in love with everything in your room! I love how bright it is but there are so many cute things to look at!

  3. Looks lovely!!

    I’ve tagged you over at my blog to do this whole “11 things” thing thats going around. 🙂


  4. This is so great! I need a bigger house, stat.

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