Some random, but favorite things

It’s been a long week here at the HelloSweetWorld household, and it’s not over yet, as i have to work all weekend. I thought i’d wrap up the week with a few favorite things here on the ‘ol blog. I also want to remind you to enter the giveaway by midnight tonight. This is your last call to enter! How can you pass up free stuff?!

These horses crack me up. And they can carry a tune well, i think. Hehe…….(click on each horse to see what i’m talking about.) You must go!

This is a little gif i made from the deer in the backyard of my Oma’s house. They’re so silly when they get the deer version of the “zoomies”.

My cat has it made….

I’m currently loving this flickr, this blog and this etsy shop. Oh, and anyone remember this ?

How was your week, Sweet World? Have any big plans for the weekend?


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