Giveaway winner!

Hey, Sweet World! Hope you had a great weekend. I worked all of it so i didn’t have time to do much other than that. I have some great things planned for the blog so stay tuned! Also, i actually made a vlog with the winner of the giveaway. Please excuse the sound of the dryer in the background – i totally forgot it was running when i taped it. And there’s also an awkward stare in there when i’m drawing the name so just ignore that too. Or just run screaming.  ;o)


Congrats to the winner! I’ll get your prize in the mail tomorrow! Thanks everyone for participating. I’ll have another one very soon!



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3 responses to “Giveaway winner!

  1. I am smiling…thanks sooo much beautiful!

  2. ps. Awesome vlog! Give thanks for the kind words!!! One love, my friend.

  3. YAY!! I LOVE VLOGS!! Especially yours… you are so adorable!! Congrats to Selah!

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