So this weekend….

…was sort-of an odd one. Thursday morning when i got off work, i went to bed as normal and woke up just 4 short hours later with a very sore throat and a small fever. How does that happen? When i get sick, it’s usually gradual with some sort of warning sign but this time i just woke up and *BAM* there is was. Sigh. Anyhow. I managed to work through the night Thursday night, even though i had a small fever for most of my shift (yes, i now moved to night shift, which also most likely doesn’t help the situation), and came home and crashed Friday morning. I was supposed to get a cute haircut and had to cancel. Bummer. I pretty much slept 20 hours straight on Friday and went a whole 24 hours without eating. Maybe more. Yikes.

Saturday, i was wide awake at 5 am, felt somewhat better and finally caught up on the blogging world. I missed you guys. Later, the boy and i went to his parents’ for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes (of which, i didn’t eat the cabbage) and relaxed for a bit. On the way home, my work texted and called me so many times i thought maybe i was missing a party somewhere (ha!). Turns out they really needed people and i ended up working through the night. I’m a sucker.

Sunday was much better as i got some sleep after work, went to Bass Pro to browse, ate at the most yummy Indian restaurant around (which only made my wanderlust for India that much stronger), got some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and am trying some new vanilla and hazelnut tea. Oh and at some point in the last 24 hours i’ve also pretty much lost my voice. Joyous. Well, my boyfriend might think so. Hehe.

And please excuse the random photos, they’re just little tidbits over the last few weeks and have nothing to do with this post. 😉



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2 responses to “So this weekend….

  1. Love your little printed houses. (Bit of a little house fetish going on here!)

  2. Yikes! well, I hope you get 100% better, darling. & I’m glad you think you’re turning into a girl, we can be oddly girly together! :]

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