Favorite, and Free, Phone Photo Apps

I’m sure you’ve seen various posts here and there regarding cell phone camera apps. I’ve had an android and now have an Iphone so i thought i’d share my favorites too, for both types of phones. The perk – they’re all free! That’s right, you don’t have to spend a dime on these apps, which makes it nice. Lets start with the Iphone.

Vintage cam  This app has a few filters to choose from and you can even pay for an upgrade to get more. Most of them are brown tones and kinda similar but it’s still a good little app.

Retro Camera – This app has different textures, frames and film simulations you can give your photos. You can upload or take a photo with the app to edit. It is a little more complex but still gives you some different effects to work with.

TtV Basic – This app gives you a simple through-the-viewfinder effect and also has a paid upgrade with more filters.

Blend Cam – This app lets you overlap photos for that double-exposure look. It’s interesting what you can get.

Pudding Cam – Very similar to Hipstamatic, this app lets you choose your type of camera and film type. You can shoot multiple frames and fisheye. This one is really a good app with good variety. I hear they have this on Android too. (It sometimes won’t work for me so i think they have some bugs they need to work out on this app.)

Leme Cam – This one is probably one of my favorites. It’s also like Hipstamatic, where you can choose your camera, lens and frame type. It offers colored lenses and light leaks, which are dreamy.

Postal Pics – Postal pics isn’t a camera app, but instead a very good service where you can order your photo prints right off your phone, especially square prints!

Hipstamatic – Okay, okay – this one is paid but i had to include it. It is also one of my favorites with different cameras and lenses to customize with each other. This app lets you take photos that come out pretty dreamy and sometimes, you never know what you’ll get!

Frametastic – This one lets you make a collage of your photos. It’s pretty great!

Rakuga Cute by Tatsumi- This Japanese app lets you put clip-art, writing, and other cute things on your photos. It’s very kawaii!

Labelbox – Upload a photo, add a label. Simple.

Phonto – Lets you put certain fonts and speech bubbles on your photos.

Instagram – This app is now for Android too! It lets you take a photo, choose a filter and upload. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it. It’s my fave. I’d say i’m addicted.

Now a few for Android:

Retro Camera – Another Hipstamatic-type of camera, but for Android.

Vignette Demo – Gives you different filter choices and is very toy camera. A good free demo.

FX Camera – This was my favorite when i had my Android. It gives you grainy images and adds filters, most of which are rich in color but on the blue/green side of things.

You can check and see if Android offers any of the Iphone apps i listed above, some of them may be available. 

These apps are what i currently have on my phone and i’m sure there are many, many more out there that i’d love. I’m kinda addicted to cell phone photography and love to find new ways to take photos. What great photo apps do you use on your phone, Sweet World?



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3 responses to “Favorite, and Free, Phone Photo Apps

  1. I am currently trying to decide what to do about a new phone! I still have a “dumb phone” that takes pics, but terrible ones. My contract is finally up next month but I’m not sold on having to upgrade my monthly service to the tune of an extra $40 just to have access to these phone apps! BUT I want to get on Instagram SO BAD and I have for as long as it’s been out. Eegads, what a decision.

  2. Yay! 🙂 this is so helpful! Thanks so much! 🙂 loooove this post

  3. haha, i like your screen shot. your phone says a lot about your personality!

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