Lomo – 2nd Time Around

You may remember the post from a while back that i posted of my first photos from my newer lomography Russian camera. I was so stoked with how those photos turned out that i took the camera with me to Holland when i went in February. I was excited to see the results but when i was winding the film and thought it was at the end, it turns out it wasn’t and some of the photos got over-exposed. I think because of this, not many photos turned out. I will say that this camera gives me unexpected results every time and has some fun, unexpected double-exposures that keep me happy. Some regular photos turned out from this roll but they weren’t too exciting so i picked out three that gave me cool results and that are my favorite from the roll. They’re not spectacular but they’re still dreamy and interesting, and i’m ok with that.


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  1. Oh, these are lovely! & in response to the comment you left… Cut it! Short hair is fun! Haha
    Have a darling day, pretty lady. :]

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