So Much Cooler Online, or Not

I’ve been blogging for going on 4 years now. Yup, 4 years. Sure, it’s been rough here and there but i’m still hard at it. The reason – i enjoy it. In today’s blog world, you’d think after blogging for 4 years i’d have a ton of followers and maybe even make a little money with it. Nope. Not this girl. I have mixed feelings about the blogging community as a whole but the bottom line for me is that i like doing it, i like reading other blogs and i do it on my time. I have a full time job (which usually takes close to 200 hours a month from me in 12 hour increments a day) so i don’t have time to go through 30+ blogs every single day and comment. I comment and visit when i can. And realizing this over the past couple years has made my blogging a lot more enjoyable so it doesn’t seem like a chore or that it’s something that i have to do. However, a lot of the things i’m seeing lately just aren’t my cup of tea and i’ll never be a fan of. The following list isn’t meant to belittle any one or cause offense, as it’s just things i don’t understand or agree with. That’s why this is my blog and not the next popular blog following trends or fads. I’ve never been one to fit in any certain group of people and i never will be. It’s who i am. I’m a very hard person to understand and have serious opinions about things and most people don’t know how to take that. This list is just in fun that i will never fit in with the so-called mainstream blogs, therefore never be popular. Even online.
(Disclaimer – Again, i am not poking fun of or attacking any certain person or group of people. These are simply things that i don’t understand. These are my opinions. I know everyone has their own and is free to express them. I even read blogs that do these things because i want to. Hell, I probably have been guilty of one or two of these things, and if not, i’ve participated in other fads that are popular, such as wearing colored tights, using an Holga camera and reading the Twilight Series. Yes, maybe i’m a hypocrite. Aren’t we all? Please take no offense. It’s just a blog post, people. Friendly comments are welcome and maybe even a friendly discussion, but please take rude and hateful comments elsewhere.)
  • I don’t get the Hunger Games series. Maybe it’s because i haven’t read them but i just don’t understand how people are infatuated with children killing other children in order to win food.
  • I hate the phrase ‘the bees knees’ and the words ‘swell’, ‘golly’ and ‘totes’ (as in an abbreviation for totally).
  • I don’t understand the whole ‘ombre’ fad. It just looks like your hair needs a serious dye.
  • I don’t know why one has to paint their nails every other day and post a million photos about it.
  • I don’t know why some bloggers think they’re better than everyone else. We’re all in this together, and we’re all human.
  • I will never be a lover of cats. I think they’re evil and dogs will always have my heart. (Yes, i even have a cat. It’s my boyfriend’s and it stays outside most of the time. I’ve even been known to pet it.)
  • I don’ t understand the faux peter pan collar thing.
  • I don’t get free stuff.
  • I probably will never get free stuff.
  • Due to my job, i can’t even think of dying my hair a crazy color. Therefore, it’s not going to happen. Meaning, i will never be one of those cool girls with cool hair.
  • I don’t understand the purpose of spending upwards of $100 on one single dress that isn’t a wedding dress or prom gown. Or $150 on a pair of shoes i’ll never wear because they have a heel.
  • I’ve never understood the reason behind fake glasses. And besides that, they look hideous on me.
  • I don’t have kids to post about. That’s my choice.
  • My house will never be in a magazine, even if i think it’s cute inside.
  • Scarves and bandannas will never stay on my head.
  • I don’t like the look of Saltwater sandals.

Take it as you will. This is me. No apologies for who i am, as a person or a blogger.








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8 responses to “So Much Cooler Online, or Not

  1. Not even gonna lie, you probably just posted what half of bloggers WANT to say but don’t. lol. I like the list. I’d like to think I’m excluded from all things on list, but alas, I really did enjoy the Twilight and Hunger Games books. lol. Aside from that, I totally respect what you have to say, and out loud no less. Most people don’t (yikes, I might be most people… some of the time. lol)
    Sending you nothing but love sweetheart!!

  2. How DO people get scarves and bandanas to stay on their heads?! I can never figure it out.

    I quite like that I read blogs by people with different tastes and interests and styles from me, but I agree that your blog should always be a reflection of who you are, not of the latest blogging trends.

    • Rose

      i totally agree with you, blogs should be you sharing ideas, foods, bits of your lifestyle and other stuff to people to inspire them, entertain them motivate, etc.
      And why bother looking at a mainstream blog anyway, you can just turn the tv on, the radio, open a magazine next time your waiting in line at the suer market. Nothing SPECIAL, nothing UNIKE, no OPINION, no CHARACTER.

  3. SO right! I think the best blogs are about BEING YOURSELF, and it shows when you try to do what everyone else is doing! I try different things from time to time in the name of experimentation, but I don’t see sticking with something that’s not “me” for the sake of getting readers. And I get not having time, too: I had a lot of time a few weeks ago, but now I don’t have as much. It will hurt my stats, but what really matters? My family. Not the blog.

  4. Dogs are seriously THE BEST! 🙂

  5. I have great respect for you for telling it like it is. And I have to agree with a lot of stuff on your list. I don’t get the nail thing at all, but then no doubt loads of people don’t understand how I get excited by haberdashery lol!!! It would be a truly boring world if we were all the same.

  6. This cracked me up and I’m glad someone else dislikes ombré hair!

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