Estate Sale Treasures

Last Thursday, i just had to visit one of the local estate sales after seeing some photos online. Of course, if i could, i’d go to them all but seeing them posted online with photos definitely helps narrow down the ones i want, or can, go to. Luckily, i got off work just in time and was able to swing by the place pretty early, but not early enough to grab those vintage Christmas ornaments i wanted. Darn. Anyhow. I still picked up a good load of stuff and am pretty happy with my loot.

I grabbed some 1970s placemats, which may go into the shop; a pretty hideous belt, but for $1 i liked it enough; lots of vintage cake toppers/candle holders in a vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jar; a wooden hangy-thing; and some vintage maps, postcards and travel brochures. Let me tell you, this house had the mother-load of old maps, postcards and brochures. This lady (or couple) traveled all over the world and i must say that i am quite jealous of her travels. I think i spent pretty close to an hour just going through the boxes of old paper goods. I wish i could’ve taken them all but we all know i don’t need all those brochures. I also was able to pick up one of her notebooks that she wrote in when she was in Europe. I still have yet to read through it but it seemed pretty cool to be able to re-trace her footsteps through her notes and written experiences.

I also picked up the above travel bag/purse for just $3. After knowing about all her travels, it just makes me wonder where this bag has really been. So awesome! I was able to pick up two outdoor cots at the house as well, but i still have yet to get them out of my car. Oops! They’re in really good shape as far as i can tell and i’ll share those with you soon. In the meantime, here are a couple more photos from the haul.

Just look at that list of where she went! Jealous indeed. And you know i had to grab that vintage map of the Netherlands!

This photo was taken in Florida on one of her trips. I wonder which one is her….Aren’t these ladies just so lovely?

(P.S. My birthday is in less than 2 weeks – yay! Hint, hint…..)



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5 responses to “Estate Sale Treasures

  1. You know what? You’d be amazed to know this, but I have never ever ever been to an estate sale. You have inspired me to go one day soon, since I am not working now! No excuses, right?

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  4. Jen

    I would go to every single sale, too. I love going to them since it is always an adventure of sorts. You never know what you will find.

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