Journaling: On-The-Go

I’ve been seeing a lot of projects lately in terms of journaling, scrapbooking and such and although i jot down lots of ideas, lists and even do mini-journals every now and then, i wanted a way to journal at any moment, no matter where i am. I love the concept behind Project Life but i seriously wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, and definitely wouldn’t be able to do it daily. I could do a page here and there, which is fine with me, but i thought of an easier way to document things while i’m on-the-go. I’m going to put this idea to the test in a couple weeks when we go on a fun adventure for my birthday. Here’s what i’ve put together:

My journal/book was picked up while i was in Holland in February and since i went crazy and bought about 4 planners for the year, this one had enough blank-ish pages so i could turn it into a journal and have room to write in it. So far i haven’t gotten much done in it but now that i have it started, i can carry it around and document memories right when they happen!

Basically, just keep these simple supplies on-hand (in your bag) when you’re around town or on a trip. That way, you have the basic supplies to create your memories right then and there! Snap a photo, put it in your book and jot down some fun notes about it. Simple, right?

Even if you don’t have an instant camera, you can still take your journal along and write down notes and memories and go back and add your photos later. I’ve recently gotten some wallet size prints done and cut them to add into my journal for that added touch.

How do you document your life, Sweet World? Happy journaling!



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2 responses to “Journaling: On-The-Go

  1. Triskay86

    This is great! I’m getting ready to go on a trip with my best friend and we want to document the entire thing, but we don’t want the documenting part to interfere with our fun. I like the idea of the planner with the blank pages, esp since I take my planner with me everywhere anyway.

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