Instant Collection: Plastic Cake Toppers

Last week when i went to the estate sale that i shared with you, i picked up a vintage Peter Pan peanut butter jar with lots of plastic goodies hiding inside. These plastic goodies were cake toppers and candle holders, and even though i’m pretty sure i don’t need them, i couldn’t resist. Besides, who doesn’t love an instant collection? I wonder what types of cakes they were on at one time in their little plastic lives – chocolate, strawberry, funfetti?

Which one is your favorite, Sweet World? Do you have any instant collections?



Filed under Favorite Things, Vintage and Thrifting

3 responses to “Instant Collection: Plastic Cake Toppers

  1. Wow. Those are great. Can get candle holders here but not plastic cake toppers so easily. Can get Christmas things and starting to see some paper/card cake toppers in shops now. We have some pirate ones.

  2. Triskay86

    ahh so fun!

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