Blog Stickers and Business Cards

Since i’ve been blogging regularly and even advertising in a few spots, i figured that i also needed some updated business cards for the blog/shop. My old cards just weren’t cutting it, with outdated web addresses and all. I was going to hand-make some, and actually did at one point, but i wanted something a little more professional looking that i could use just about anywhere.

I had read a couple bloggers talk about Overnight Prints, but after going to their site and getting a little confused with the interface, i just decided to go back to Vista Print, where i had gotten my cards before. This time, i actually uploaded my own photo to use for my cards, which is really what i wanted all along. Their cards are decent and are very well priced. I also grabbed a sheet of the business card stickers so i could use them on orders from my shop because those were pretty cheap as well.

Another product i’ve recently been stoked about is the stickers i got printed through Zazzle. I ordered one sheet just to try them out and see how they’d turn out and was in love. I ordered two more sheets/designs, also uploaded from my own photos, and am really impressed. The stickers are glossy and look very professional, and i’ve already included them in several orders from my shop! I really just want to stick them everywhere. Ha! I definately recommend them if you’re in the market for some random stickers. Come on, who doesn’t love stickers?!

These opinions are my own and i was not reimbursed in any way for talking about these products. I am also not an affiliate of either company. These are my own thoughts on the products described.




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9 responses to “Blog Stickers and Business Cards

  1. They look great. Perfect for you. Funnily enough I was looking at these online yesterday too.

  2. Love how they turned out! I need to upload my own photo next time I do Vista Print too! The stickers are awesome!

  3. They look flippin awesome!! I love the colors!!!! they look so bright and fresh!!

    love K

  4. They look great! The stickers are wonderful.

  5. Triskay86

    so cute!!

  6. These are so cute! I’ve considered getting business cards for my blog, but then I don’t go out and network in the “real” world much. Still, it’d be fun to have. 🙂

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