A Quick Hello Kitty Collection

I’ve loved Hello Kitty ever since i was little. I used to love going into the Sanrio store at the mall and going through all the cute stuff trying not to buy it all. I’m pretty sure if one of those stores existed close to me today, it wouldn’t be pretty for my bank account. I just love cute things, who doesn’t? Anyhow.  A few weeks ago i went into Michael’s (because that’s so good for my bank account) and noticed some very cute Hello Kitty products. I couldn’t resist. It’s a good thing i went right before they were closing so i didn’t have time to buy too much  😉  Here, along with a plush the boyfriend got me a while back and a tape dispenser still with original Hello Kitty printed washi tape (from the 1980s!), is my quick collection of the cute cat. I also have some rubber stamps but those are in a box somewhere, so this will have to do. Hey, i’m 30 going on 7, what can i say?



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8 responses to “A Quick Hello Kitty Collection

  1. I don’t do cute but if I was 7 I would no doubt love it. I do love the simplicity of the design, similar to Dick Bruna’s Miffy books. There is a beauty in the simplicity that turns it into an icon.

  2. Oh My Goodness…. I LOOOOOOOVED the Sanrio store!! Like, seriously no joke!! I was all about the Green Froggy.. he was sooo cute!

  3. so adorable! I remember when I was younger I was obsessed with these morning glory stores in Sydney, when we’d go on holidays I’d spend most of my money in there on stationary kits like these! I don’t think I ever even used them

    • hellosweetworld

      I still have a collection of some that i’ve had since i was little, and most are unused too. Oops!

  4. we’ve been having a hello kitty obsession over here too 😉 at least i have a child to blame it on (lol). so cute.

    one love, my friend. hope all is good.

  5. Too adorable! I remember the Sanrio store: I used to love it, too!

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