DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

Well hello Sweet World. Can you believe April just flew by? I can’t. And i also can’t believe that my birthday just came and went, just like that. Another year past. Sigh. It was a good birthday weekend and i’ll share all about that soon but for now, i’m sharing how to make your very own Cinco de Mayo garland. It’s super easy and adds a splash of color to anywhere. Here goes….

You may remember seeing this garland in a post from long ago but i thought that it would be a perfect DIY for the beginning of May. Here’s what you will need:

First, cut your tissue paper into a large rectangle, then fold it to a square. Second, cut your edges in scallops or zig-zags, if you wish.

Then, fold one third of your square over and cut various shapes. Next, fold over the other third of your square and cut more shapes.

Cut as many squares as you desire for the length of your garland. Once all the squares are cut and cut out with shapes, line them up and cut your string.

Fold the square over the string and use your tape or adhesive to adhere the square together. Repeat until all squares are hanging on your string. Last, hang as you desire and celebrate!

See, i told you it was easy, didn’t i? I think these would look cool with several different strands hanging on the ceiling. Happy May, Sweet World!



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4 responses to “DIY Cinco de Mayo Garland

  1. Super cute!! I need to get me some of that Bakers Twine!! I loves it!

  2. I need to do this: I love Cinco de Mayo! So much, it’s my wedding anniversary! Hehe.

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