I’m Addicted to Geocaching

The title of this post says it all. I signed up on the geocaching website back in 2008 and tried to find a few caches back then, but wasn’t successful. I blame it on not having the greatest GPS. Fast forward to a few years later and geocaching is back in my life, and i’m nothing short of addicted. Everywhere i go i want to see if there’s a cache nearby and i’ve even gotten a couple co-workers involved. If you don’t know anything about geocaching, it’s basically a scavenger hunt of sorts using clues and GPS coordinates to find a small container that houses a log to sign, then you log it on the website to keep track of the ones you’ve found. It can actually take you to some places you’d never go otherwise, or show you places that you never knew existed. Sometimes it can be tricky, other times it can be easy, and you may even feel like a crazy person looking in the bushes for something most people don’t even know exists. Caches can range in size to tiny to a large ammo box and sometimes you can even find treasures to trade in them. There’s probably even a cache or two within a mile of where you are at all times. Once you find one, you’ll want to find them all. Here are some that i’ve found recently…

Since i’ve been caching so much lately, i’ve even put a small kit together of supplies to carry with me at all times for that last-minute find or so i’ll be prepared if i choose to find one. Yup, it’s that serious. The items in it are for trading or leaving in the larger caches, and you will always need a pen and sometimes even tweezers!

Some of them even have trackables in them, which you can take and move to another cache location. These can be tracked online to see how far they’ve traveled. The one i found has made it to Missouri from Washington state so far.

Geocaching is definitely a unique hobby but you do have to be careful. Some caches include hiking, boating, thorns, ticks, and other outdoor activities. You also have to be sly when grabbing those caches in public. People are very creative in hiding them and even in the containers that they’re in. But nonetheless, i’m addicted!

Happy caching, Sweet World!



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9 responses to “I’m Addicted to Geocaching

  1. We do this too. We sell it to the kids as a treasure hunt. It helps to get them out for a walk. Have to always make sure we have some treats with us to avoid disappointment just in case we can’t find the cache!

  2. Not gunna lie… I’ve heard the word, but never knew what it was. Looks totally fun! Exactly like a treasure hunt… the kids would totally be down for that!! Might need to go out exploring!! Thanks!

  3. Found you on the Springfield Blogger Meetup site! Love finding locals folks.

    Love to geocache! There are a ton on the trail that loops by Nathaniel Greene Park.

  4. crazy little story – I totaly stumbled upon a geocash by accident! At first I was confused because it was tupperware covered in camo ductape in the woods but my dad has done a few and I remembered him talking about it. Maybe it’s a sin since I’m not part of the geocashing community, but I peeked inside. There was a cute little notebook, a couple rubber stamps and ink pad, and a few other things. Sadly it was all soaking wet so hopefully it will get found soon.

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  6. Uncopyrighted

    I am also addicted to Geocaching. I can’t stop. I am approaching a 500 day streak and my girlfriend may just leave me because supposedly everything revolved around Geocaching. We are planning a road trip to Yellowstone and I would like to find a cache in every county along the way, adding only 4 hrs to the 40 hr trip (round trip), but she insists that it is too much and is furious. We have 72 days planned in Yellowstone and I don’t see a problem taking our time to get there. I hope we can come to an agreement, I care about her so much… but if we can’t Geocache together then we might not have a future together.

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