My Stay in a WigWam

Last weekend for my birthday, i decided that i didn’t want to stay at home. I was off work for the weekend and i wanted to go somewhere. I had seen this place on someone’s blog at one point and decided to do my research. I’m so glad i did. This town is in the middle of nowhere Kentucky and it couldn’t be more perfect. I’m talking about Cave City. Population 2,000.  This town has kitschy attractions like Dinosaur World and numerous rock shops, but what really brought me there was WigWam Village No. 2 – a hotel stay that is unique as ever. It’s basically a concrete teepee to sleep in. There’s only 3 of these places left in America (Arizona and California are the other two locations). It was a birthday i’ll never forget. Here is my experience in photos….




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15 responses to “My Stay in a WigWam

  1. Wow, amazing. There are places here where you can stay in wigwams made from – what are they made from? Animal hide? Canvas? Well, one of those. Or a yurt (round nomadic tent thingy). Never done it but might have to one day.

  2. Triskay86

    Oh my gosh! I want to do this so bad! I had no idea there was one in Kentucky. I was supposed to stay at the one in AZ last year (but the trip didn’t happen.) But since this is so close, there’s no excuse for me not to go!

  3. I’m so jealous! I would love to sleep in a wigwam. Must put on my to-do list stat. What a fun way to spend a birthday evening.

  4. So cool! Now I’m totally wondering what the inside was like! Happy late birthday! 🙂

    • hellosweetworld

      The inside was just like a little camping cabin or small motel room, complete with bathroom. It isn’t luxury, but it’s decent! Thank you!

  5. That’s the coolest thing ever! & Happy late birthday, darling. :]

  6. Casey

    What a fun birthday! I have been trying to talk my husband into taking me here for our anniversary. It might be a done deal if I mention Dinosaur World. ha! 🙂

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