Black and Whites

Well hello there, Sweet World! I know, i know – i took a few days off from the blog world. Things got busier than i could handle so posts were lacking there for a bit. My apologies. I’m back now with a post of a few photos i found a couple months ago while thrifting. These photos were in an album that was in pretty bad shape but i decided to ask if i could have the photos instead of the album and the lady said i had to buy the whole thing. For $1, i guess that was fine with me but then she actually gave it all to me for 50 cents. Score! Well, 50 cents on top of the other million things i bought…..oops! Hehe. Anyhow. These photos were just darling and i couldn’t pass them up. There were many more albums from this same person (i could tell from the writing in them) but all the other photos weren’t in there anymore. I guess these were missed and i wish i could’ve seen more. I still wonder what it would be like to live in these photographs.

Can you believe how times have changed? Do you like looking at old photographs, even if they’re complete strangers? Hopefully it’s not just me…..


Filed under Photography, Vintage and Thrifting

2 responses to “Black and Whites

  1. Wow fantastic photos, definitely worth 50 cents.

  2. Too cool! I love looking through old photos at flea markets and such. There is a booth at one near me that always has some interesting ones.

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