Horse Cave, KY

A few weeks ago when we stayed in the Wigwams, we visited a nearby town called Horse Cave. It’s a tiny town near Cave City but during my research (for geocaching, nonetheless), i found out that this town is built right on top of a cave. I had to go see it for myself. Well, and get the cache of course. But sure enough, the downtown (all one block of it) is right on top of the cave. Doesn’t sound like a smart idea to me but i guess when you have tourists like myself that want to see it, it’s not a bad idea after all. Lucky for you i was able to snap a photo. See for yourself, and then enjoy the rest of Horse Cave. Don’t blink, you may miss it!

Do you like quaint small towns, Sweet World? Or are you a city person?



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2 responses to “Horse Cave, KY

  1. Ohh, that architecture is gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  2. Love the bat sign and the ice cream cone.

    may i just tell you that i use my tote ALL the time…and think of you with a smile. sending love your way.

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