I haven’t owned an actual TV set in a few years now, nor even had cable for a year or two prior to that, but that doesn’t mean i don’t know about or watch any television shows. I used to have to watch all my favorites every week when i did have cable and would hate to miss an episode, but now i’m past that. Plus, the internet helps with that these days, you know, with technology and all. I just want to share some of my favorite TV shows with you – some new ones and some that have been around for a few years. Most of them are sitcoms and will have you laughing. Here goes!

Suburgatory is about a daughter and father who moved to the suburbs and how they’re adjusting. The main actress is too cute and i love her style!

Who doesn’t love Parks and Rec? My absolute fave.

Cougar Town. I thought it was so cheesy at first but now it’s top on my list. Their relationships are perfect and it’s just hilarious. I would live in this sitcom. Really.

Happy Endings is a new one i’ve found and is also hilarious. A different kind of humor i love. And they’re all so pretty!

Yes, i even fell into The New Girl fad. They all just get themselves into the most embarrassing/awkward situations ever, and it’s funny.

In Plain Sight is a tv drama about the witness protection program. A little cheesy but i love her attitude and snarky comments.

Bob’s Burger. Need i say more?

Covert Affairs is another kinda cheesy one but i always loved Piper from Coyote Ugly so i was curious about this when it came out. It’s decent and all about spies.

How about you, Sweet World? Any new favorite shows you’ve found lately? What about oldies but goodies?



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3 responses to “Television

  1. I love both Happy Endings and New Girl. I miss Pushing Daisies. My boyfriend and I tend to pick a show and blitz through all of it on DVD; I love getting absorbed in them, rather than fretting about missing an episode from week to week.

  2. Where have I been? I’ve never even heard of most of these shows! Oh, yes. I forgot: I’m married to a man whose mistress is SportCenter. Ah, Ces’t la Vie. Hehe. =) Needless to say, I don’t watch much television!

  3. Bob’s Burgers is amazing! My husband got me hocked and now I think I like it more than he does.

    Lately Ive been re-watching Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Community, Futurama (always and forever), and an ungodly amount of Curious George (the only thing my toddler will mellow out for).

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