Anyone interested?

I know that sponsorship is somewhat controversial in the blog world, some like it and some don’t, and i also know that my blog isn’t the most popular blog on the planet by any means, but i’m gonna throw an idea out there for the month of June. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading blog buttons next month? I think it would be a great way to promote each other’s blogs and get your name out there. I already do this with a couple blogs and think it’s great. Plus, i love reading their posts and they’re both super nice ladies. And even though they’re already in my sidebar, i’m going to link Sadie Dear and Le’Love again to make sure you go check them out!

Anyhow, back to the subject. If you’d like to swap blog buttons for the month of June (i almost said May there – wow, am i behind), just send me an email ( and we’ll be in touch! I look forward to it.

Also, it’s been a while since i’ve shared my own links in a post so i’d like to remind you to follow me (well, if you so desire) on Bloglovin’, and definitely on facebook so you can get updates and be able to enter giveaways. I really appreciate it and really appreciate everyone who visits HelloSweetWorld!

Oh, and i also need to mention that there is finally going to be a blogger meetup here in town in June! I’ve been wanted to have one for a while so i’m so glad one has been set up. I don’t really know any of the ladies going so far but i’m so excited to meet other local bloggers! Here is more info if you’re in the area and want to go. Fun stuff!

Now here are a few of my favorite recent Instagrams to enjoy until next time…..


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One response to “Anyone interested?

  1. Following on FB and Bloglovin!

    And I’d love to steal your button for a month!!

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