A new camera

Recently i got another camera to experiment with, and this is one i had been wanting since it came out. Yes, another camera. And yes, i just had to have it. It’s a La Sardina lomography camera but this one is specific to my roots (ha!). I’m talking about the ‘Virginia is for lovers’ edition.  For those of you who don’t know, i’m from Virginia originally and lived there for 27+ years of my life before i just picked up and moved to the midwest.

(Above photo taken by me)

When i saw this camera, i knew it was perfect. I finally got the chance to order it and didn’t even take it out of the package for a while because it was so pretty. Hehe. Finally, i opened it and loaded it with some film and am currently working on finishing the roll. I can’t wait to get the photos developed and see how they turn out! I’ve really been enjoying film lately and love the anticipation of wondering what the photos will look like. Oh, how we’ve been so spoiled with digital! Anyhow. I also thought i’d share some photos i found online of more fun little plastic cameras that i wouldn’t mind if they somehow *wink wink* made their way into my collection.



pink floral Diana Mini

(All photos above were found on Pinterest and original sources could not be tracked down. I did not take these photos and give credit to the owners, whomever they may be!)

Lomo Fisheye Camera



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  1. That is pretty gosh darn rad! I’m just sayin…

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