A Day at the Lake

Hi Sweet World! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend. Around here, it’s been the perfect start of summer. The weather was hot (90s!), so it really did feel like it. Saturday, the boy and i enjoyed grilling out burgers and dogs, lounging in the backyard and then making s’mores when it got dark. Oh, and we saw the first fireflies of the season too. Isn’t that the best feeling?! Sunday we took a trip to the ‘rents and they took us out on the lake for a bit to fish. I mainly snapped some photos. Imagine that…… Hey, I did catch 2 fish though so it wasn’t all play. 😉  It really was a great weekend for summer activities and such a great one to bring in the season. What did you do this weekend, Sweet World? Did you get to play, or was it all work?


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4 responses to “A Day at the Lake

  1. I spent all day working on my blog. I can’t tell if it was a waste or not, yet. I’ve looked at it too long.
    MEANWHILE, I want some s’mores and those glasses. Because they’re fabulous.

  2. Lots of playing here which I blogged about. Lost my sunglasses though 😦

  3. We laked it up too. I could live there probably. FUN!

  4. s’mores? Yes, please! We’ve seen a fair bit of firefly action around here lately. I’ve tried to teach Buckaroo how cool they are, but he’s just not into chasing/catching them yet. Bummer.

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