Hidden Beauty

Please pardon the absence here and there lately. When i’m not working, i’ve been busy exploring and enjoying life. It really has been the best start to summer. The weather is quite weird though. It’s been in the 70s during the day and 50s at night and kinda (always) windy. There have been some storms here and there but it’s been pretty mild. Very odd for the midwest this time of year, especially because last year we were sweating like crazy by this point just walking outside. I’m not complaining but it has been chilly…..  😉

These photos came from a beauty that was hiding on a back country road found on a day of exploring and i just wanted to load her up and take her home, despite all that may be wrong with her. She was a diamond and i fell in love. I think you will too. Take a look…..

Have you done any exploring lately, Sweet World? If so, what did you find?




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3 responses to “Hidden Beauty

  1. Fun! A Sunday drive type of thing!

  2. ooo she’s a beauty! My parents have a couple of old pieces on their property that are just aching to be restored, but that’ll never happen, so i’ll just resign myself to taking photos like this 🙂

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