Blogger Meet-up

This past Saturday, the lovely ladies over at Of Anselm, Lyds Was Here and LemonCakes blog hosted a fun blogger meetup at a local park. The weather couldn’t have been nicer. I worked the night before and had a little trouble waking up (shocker, i know) so i was a bit tardy to the party and didn’t get to meet a few other ladies who left before i arrived. Hopefully next time! It was still a fun time and i’m glad i got to meet these ladies and chat a bit. It’s so good to find other bloggers in the area. I recommend checking out their blogs, which are linked above! Here’s some photos from the shin-dig….




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6 responses to “Blogger Meet-up

  1. I’m sad I couldn’t make it, but glad you did!!! Looks like it was loveldy!

  2. naomianselmo

    Awesome to have met you, Kristin! You’re a doll 🙂

  3. So many folks are going to blogger meet ups! (green with envy) One day, someone in my area will arrange one. I just hope I hear about it when it happens! Sometimes, I think I’m the only one around here doin’ it. Hmmm. Looks like fun on your part, anyway!

  4. Wow looks like such a lovely time.

  5. Life & Sunshine

    great idea, such a cute set up! well done 🙂

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