A little over a week ago, a friend and i went exploring. We had a destination in mind but everything else along the way was up in the air. We could stop anywhere we wanted or saw at that moment. I think i mentioned that before when i posted about the beauty of a car we found by taking a back road on the way home. On the way to our destination, we stopped and had lunch at a little mom and pop restaurant named Peggy’s. My friend remembers stopping there as a kid with her dad so we gave it a shot. It was one of those restaurants where you just feel at home. One of those restaurants where you’re so glad you stopped because everything was delicious. And it was. It’s hard (for me anyway) to find good food out here in the midwest (i feel like food here is so bland) and this restaurant is just what i needed. It was good food. A good atmosphere. And just a good time. I’m so glad we stopped.

Have you found any tasty restaurants lately, Sweet World? Any little hidden gems?


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