Ha Ha Tonka

Nope, that’s not me laughing at you and then making a reference to a type of toy truck. That’s actually the name of a state park here in Missouri that i finally had the chance to visit last week. I’d heard really cool things about the park and had been wanting to go. On a whim, a friend and i went out there one afternoon after visiting her parents nearby. It was the perfect summer day. When we got to the park, the sun was at the perfect ‘magic hour’ location so of course i had to take some pics. We walked around a bit and looked around on the park sign for a geocache for what seemed like too long. It was right there under our noses. Sneaky, sneaky!

This park is bigger than i had imagined and has tons of trails and a lake so we’ll def have to go back one day and spend the whole day there. We at least got to see the main attraction, which is castle ruins at the top of the cliff. ¬†Basically, a guy back in the 1900s started building a castle and he ended up passing away before it was done. His sons tried to carry on the project but somehow it caught on fire and left only the stone skeleton that’s there today. Despite the loss, it’s still a really cool place and pretty neat that it’s right here in the midwest.


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  1. Love that place! I never would have thought to check for a geocache there! Brilliant!

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