Red Diamond

Since starting my geocaching addiction, i see places every day where caches could be hiding. One popular spot for caches is on dead end streets, most likely around the guardrails or red diamonds they place there, so you obviously know the road has indeed ended (because the road actually ending isn’t enough). Now that i’ve found many geocaches in these popular spots, i’m always spotting these dead ends and have realized that there’s actually a lot of dead end roads around. One day, i decided to grab my camera and snap a few different dead end diamonds. Here’s the results……

(All photos taken by me with my Argus or Iphone)

Do you ever notice random similar things, Sweet World?

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One response to “Red Diamond

  1. I totally do that all the time! I notice patterns and similarities constantly. I’ve never thought to document an example, though…. so maybe I should?

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