Snapshots of Austin – Part 1

Austin was the coolest city. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and wish it would’ve been longer, despite the fact that i had a horrible head cold. The pressure my head and ear felt on the plane was not a fun experience, but it was worth it. The working the night before and being awake for 32+ hours on Friday to meet my brother there – also worth it. I highly recommend a trip there if you haven’t been. There’s so much to see and do. So much food to eat. Yum. You must go. And that’s an order.  😉





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3 responses to “Snapshots of Austin – Part 1

  1. kimmyduh

    I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and only remember visiting Austin once. It was a family thing so I didn’t get to explore a lot. I intend to one day. But if you enjoyed Austin then you should visit Houston. It’s another great city to visit. :3

  2. I hope you took that beer glass! It’s pretty great.

  3. CLINT

    glad to see you enjoyed your visit in Austin!

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