Here’s just a few things i’ve been up to lately…..

  • Mainly working, but i’ve been working some different shifts and it’s been rather enjoyable. Not to say that i don’t enjoy my job, because i really do, but sometimes certain people just make it better.
  • Trying out some new film cameras, like the La Sardina and a Mitsuba Top2000. I’ve really enjoyed shooting with film lately and almost prefer it over digital now. You just never know what to expect and i love that.
  • Getting over my cold/allergies. I never had problems in the summer until i moved to the midwest. My allergies in this humid summer heat are just ridiculous.
  • Submitting photos to the local fair. Last year i submitted some photos and got some 2nd place ribbons and also a champion ribbon so i had to get some in this year too.
  • Driving to Virginia. I’m actually probably doing this while you’re reading it but i’m going home for a week! Yes! It will be so busy and packed full but it has been much needed. I miss those mountains.

What have you been up to lately, Sweet World?


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