Randomness About Me

I love the summer and the beach.  I love standing in the snow as it’s falling.  I love traveling and exploring new places.  Most of all, I love photography and learning about it.  I currently have more cameras than i know what to do with.  They’re all different.  I’m still learning every time I take a photograph.  I love animals with all my heart and love the taste of mustard.  This blog is my way of sharing my photos and also telling random stories that make up the journey of my life.  It’s a sweet world after all, isn’t it?

Please do not use photographs without permission.  Feel free to contact me for prints or usage information.  I’m also available for freelance projects and willing to travel.  Thanks!


6 responses to “Randomness About Me

  1. I just happened by your blog and it is lovely.
    Your photography is terrific. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have some beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them.

  3. Ashley

    Hi, can you email me some prices of yours for doing a wedding?

    Thank you

  4. First time her…
    Love it! 🙂

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