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Beach Day.


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Austin – Part 2

Hello Sweet World! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was a blast. We went to a local festival in the mountains of Virginia called FloydFest and it was exactly what i needed. Good music, good food and a good time. While i’m finishing up the trip here, i thought i’d share the last of the photos from my trip to Austin, Texas. So, here goes!




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Snapshots of Austin – Part 1

Austin was the coolest city. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and wish it would’ve been longer, despite the fact that i had a horrible head cold. The pressure my head and ear felt on the plane was not a fun experience, but it was worth it. The working the night before and being awake for 32+ hours on Friday to meet my brother there – also worth it. I highly recommend a trip there if you haven’t been. There’s so much to see and do. So much food to eat. Yum. You must go. And that’s an order. ┬á­čśë




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Ha Ha Tonka

Nope, that’s not me laughing at you and then making a reference to a type of toy truck. That’s actually the name of a state park here in Missouri that i finally had the chance to visit last week. I’d heard really cool things about the park and had been wanting to go. On a whim, a friend and i went out there one afternoon after visiting her parents nearby. It was the perfect summer day. When we got to the park, the sun was at the perfect ‘magic hour’ location so of course i had to take some pics. We walked around a bit and looked around on the park sign for a geocache for what seemed like too long. It was right there under our noses. Sneaky, sneaky!

This park is bigger than i had imagined and has tons of trails and a lake so we’ll def have to go back one day and spend the whole day there. We at least got to see the main attraction, which is castle ruins at the top of the cliff. ┬áBasically, a guy back in the 1900s started building a castle and he ended up passing away before it was done. His sons tried to carry on the project but somehow it caught on fire and left only the stone skeleton that’s there today. Despite the loss, it’s still a really cool place and pretty neat that it’s right here in the midwest.


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East Coast vs. Midwest

I feel like i have touched on this before but i was unable to find it in my archives so i’m still going to write about it. Sorry if it seems redundant but it’s been a while since i have so at least it’s not too fresh. Anyhow. You many know that i was born and raised on the East Coast, Virginia to be exact, and moved to the Midwest about 2.5 years ago now. Wow, how time flies. But, being an East Coast girl and moving halfway across the country has it’s differences, both good and bad. Here i’m going to just give a few of each, of at least things i’ve noticed that are a bit different.

  • Cheaper cost of living – where i was in Virginia wasn’t totally expensive and was still reasonable but compared to where i’m at now, cost of living is cheap.
  • Humidity – this summer hasn’t been quite as bad but with all the lakes around me, it is super humid out here. I had never felt humidity quite like i have until i moved here. It sorta feels like you have to walk through water on some days.
  • Food – i know in the bigger cities there’s tons of food choices, but here in a smaller city, there’s hardly anything to choose from. I feel like the oriental and Mexican food just doesn’t have any flavor from what i’m used to on the East Coast. Also, this city is supposedly famous for it’s cashew chicken, but it ain’t the cashew chicken i’m used to! Ick!
  • Lots of vintage – there are thrift stores and antique shops in my hometown, but not like here in Missouri. Each town has it’s choice of an antique shop or place for vintage, even the very small towns. I’ve always said that if you’ve ever wondered where your childhood toys went, there in a vintage shop in the Midwest somewhere. You can find just about anything out here!
  • Road trips – it’s no secret that i love to travel and out here you can be in your choice of another state in a matter of a little over an hour (Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma). A handful of other states are just less than a day’s drive away so it’s easy to take a weekend trip to explore. I need to get on that road!
  • Less variety – again, in bigger cities this may not apply but things i can find back home are not as easy to find out here, in terms of in the grocery store, restaurants or some other items. Certain brands are not found in stores or certain places to eat, like Firehouse Subs, Five Guys Burgers or Sheetz. Those of you who know what Sheetz is, you know what i’m talking about.
  • Mentality – this is just my opinion, but the Midwest has a mentality all it’s own. If you really want to see what true America is, the Midwest is the place to be. (I mean no offense by this statement, it’s just my opinion and it’s not meant to be negative in any way.)
  • Mountains – I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and boy do i miss those at times. Northern Arkansas has it’s fair share of hills and pretty views but nothing compares to hiking the Appalachian Trail or seeing my star on Mill Mountain.

These are just a few differences i’ve noticed from living smack-dab in the middle of our country. Again, it’s just my opinion and view of what i’ve experienced and isn’t meant to be negative. I enjoy the city i live in and will most likely be here for some years to come but home will always be home. I’m sure if you’ve lived in several different places you’ve noticed some differences too. What do you notice about where you live now, Sweet World?


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A little over a week ago, a friend and i went exploring. We had a destination in mind but everything else along the way was up in the air. We could stop anywhere we wanted or saw at that moment. I think i mentioned that before when i posted about the beauty of a car we found by taking a back road on the way home. On the way to our destination, we stopped and had lunch at a little mom and pop restaurant named Peggy’s. My friend remembers stopping there as a kid with her dad so we gave it a shot. It was one of those restaurants where you just feel at home. One of those restaurants where you’re so glad you stopped because everything was delicious. And it was. It’s hard (for me anyway) to find good food out here in the midwest (i feel like food here is so bland) and this restaurant is just what i needed. It was good food. A good atmosphere. And just a good time. I’m so glad we stopped.

Have you found any tasty restaurants lately, Sweet World? Any little hidden gems?

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